This page contains links to courses/books which are relevant to computer science. Please let me know if any of the links below are not working.

The Art of Computer Programming – Prof. Donald E. Knuth

Written by the father of analysis of algorithms, this is the bible for computer scientists. I have a box set which helps me to fill empty space in my closet.

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces – Prof. Remzi H. & Prof. Andrea C.

If you want to be mind blown by the beauty of computer systems, take a serious read through this book. It has good amount of humour as well.

Mining of Massive Datasets – Prof. Jure Leskovec, Prof. Anand Rajaraman & Prof. Jeff Ullman

Must read book for data mining and big data algorithms. The book has sufficient breadth and depth. Don’t miss out on solving the exercises.

Machine Learning – Prof. Andrew Ng

This is the great introductory course with sufficient breadth for anyone looking to get started with machine learning.

Database Management Systems – Prof. Jayant Haritsa

One of the finest graduate level DBMS course in the world. Don’t miss out on this course while you are at IISc.

Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Prof. Srinivas Devdas, Prof. Erik Demaine & Prof. Nancy Lynch

If you cannot finish TAOCP (first link), atleast go through this course. It is a complete, and rigourous coverage of essential topics in algorithms.

Computer Architecture – Prof. Onur Mutlu

State-of-the-art course on computer architecture design. The reading list is elaborate and the lectures are fun as well.

Reinforcement Learning – Prof. Balaraman Ravindran

I have nothing to add. Just take this course and feel good about it.